Round One! Fight!

David Ben-Gurion:

Heihachi Mishima:

This was the only real thing I noticed out of the ordinary about Tel Aviv Airport. Security was courteous and only a little bit more paranoid than the US (X-raying bags before letting you near checkin desks), it was reasonably OK.

I didn't get much time to myself this trip. I'll probably be back, though. We did get to go see the Old city in Jerusalem on our last evening there. What I will say is that it was interesting. I'd like to see more of the country, or at least the bits that don't get you peered at suspiciously when leaving or entering.

Flights back got me some lovely germs, which put me out of action until today. Two more trips this year, to Barcelona for a weekend in 2 weeks, then California and Seattle later this month.

I guess it's also time yet again to plug TripIt. If you travel with any degree of frequency, it's invaluable, and has saved me way more money and time than I've spent on the pro version (when a connection home from Seattle got cancelled, it texted me hours before the airline did, so I was able to rebook flights before the rush). Do it.

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