The surprising alternative to Data Loss

I've been fiddling around with various ways to back up configs and other small but important files (encrypted password safes, etc). I considered using S3, but it became a little to annoying (which is ironic, since a large part of my job over the last few years has been convincing people to use a particular kind of database for storage, when they're used to another kind).

I've recently been fiddling with Dropbox, which I had vaguely heard of before, but appears to now be not as terrible as it used to be. There also now appears to be a CLI version for linux, which means it's actually useful, and it also supports symlinks.

So, after installing dropbox on the various linux machines at home, and on the colocated boxes I have, it's a simple case of ln -s /etc /home/doc/Dropbox/cf/$HOSTNAME/etc and suddenly you've got a backup of /etc in the scary web 2.0 internet cloud we've all been hearing about.

As an aside, I paid attention to backups a little more yesterday, since my Drobo got unexpectedly powered off (possibly due to cat), and had forgotten its partition table when it rebooted. Just so we're clear, the Drobo is a terrible product made by an evil marketing company who ignore their customers, and I regret buying it. Don't make the same mistake!

I suspect my next step is to go pick up one of those fancy WD My Book DAS boxes. I think I'm a little tired of having a small aeroplane taking off under my TV.

EDIT: Did I mention Dropbox has an android app? Awesome.

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  1. I wonder if it could be made to work with dirvish - to get incremental snapshots