I had thought that in the 13 or so years since I left secondary school that they would have progressed from rote learning, but apparently not.

This is long overdue, and what the chamber says makes a lot of sense. I did mediocre-wise at school, and mediocre-wise at College, because regurgitation is key in Irish education. The viewpoint is that if you get through a course, you're set for life in a cushy job. This is brought home as complete bollocks to a lot of graduates these days, and rightly so.

One of my big frustrations with college (and after college) was that people had the expectation that they should be able to learn off what was in lectures and pass a course. The biggest uproar in my college class was when Mark Humphrys set a question on an AI exam that was actually not unlike those "Google Interview Questions" you see knocking around. The man got eaten alive for setting something that wasn't "in the notes", and I was disgusted by it.

The sign above is from IBM HQ -- they were above doorways and in visible places in IBM, to remind you to think. Don't just do your job. Don't do just enough, and don't expect to succeed by remembering. Think.

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