Now You're Square

Work - Various things happening, good bad and indifferent. I am and will be responsible for more stuff now, my boss isn't in Dublin, and I go to Seattle these days, rather than Mountain View (heading there this friday, actually). Lots more travel in the near future. Not too much, hopefully.

Rest - I've been trying to spend some more home-time recently, since I kinda like where I live. I'm doing some additional DIY (including stuff that's been put off basically since I've been in the house, i.e. 3 years). I used to be cool, right, but DIY is very life-affirming when you come frm a background of trying not to soil the wallpaper because next years tenants won't like it, or you might lose your deposit. It still costs money if I put a big dinge in the wall (I haven't, for the record), but I'm the only person who gets angry.

I also met a nice lady, about 6 months ago. She happens to work for The Company, but I've known her (or at least been aware of her presence) before then. I like ladies, and this lady in particular. So there. She isn't really on the internet, so there she stays.

Play - I've been the acting chairperson of the Irish Airsoft Association for the past few months, which basically involves dealing with the petty politics of a fledgeling sport, and those who want to either control it, or stop someone else from doing so. It involves writing a bunch of documents, doing a bunch of PR, appearing on radio, talking to journalists, and talking to government departments, politicians, the Departent of Justice and the GardaĆ­ a lot. Doing it for the sport (I play it a lot), but also so it'll have been something I did.

That's most of it. Pick up where we left off, internet, yeah?


Life is Interesting

Okay, it's been an interesting few months since I packed in the Livejournal, and Facebook has gotten very boring indeed.

There's now a macroblogging-shaped gap in my online presence (Verdana added just for Cliph), so I'm going to start posting here in the next while, about stuff that's happening to me.

I was originally going to put stuff on here about what I think about various things, and I think I'll still do that. However, I'm also going to lifeblog, and mix up the two (since I do the former so little).

Little update on what's been happening over the last while to follow.