Obvious Somnambulistic Play on Words

I spent a long weekend, amusingly going to the wrong office and visiting June, who appears to have settled in nicely and says hello, I'm sure.

I'm not sure what to make of Seattle, it's a crazy maze of freeways and on/offramps, and its planning appears to have been done by someone who's hacked SimCity to introduce a "whatever the fuck" zoning tile. In the short walk we took with Alex, I saw everything along one street from a big block of condos, to a smart new two-storey house, to a shack.

I don't think I was around long enough to get an idea of its 'Personality' as a city, but it appeared fierce and businesslike. The Boeing plant is a huge presence in it, and as we passed by a small airport there, I doubletaked at seeing a Ryanair plane in full livery being kitted out on tarmac.

I also had the chance to try out Virgin America, which has such wonders as inflight entertainment on short-haul (the flight was about 2 hours from SFO), food ordering from your seatback (they don't do cash, you just swipe your card) and checkin proceures and staff that don't make me want to eat my own face. Highly recommended.

I don't know what it was about this trip to the Bay Area in particular, but it almost felt like a sort of homecoming. I'm not thinking seriously of moving here or anything, but I'm a lot more comfortable about being here, driving, living, where to get stuff. According to my passport, I've been here 15 times, which would mean I've been here for a total of just over eight months in the last five years. It's the cheesy 'home away from home' thing going on, I think.

Tomorrow, of course, I get to do my least favourite commute ever. The possiblity that Dublin Airport might be closed when I get there makes it especially delightful.

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